I have several speaking offerings:

“A Marketing Conversation with Maurice”

Consists of an interactive dialogue with the audience talking about: Marketing Issues
• The Audience’s marketing concerns
• Possible Strategy and Tactics in Marketing, and how they
• might apply to SMEs in Particular.

“Profiling and Customer Targeting” 

Looks at how to profile your target customers and audience.

This talk then addresses ways of defining who businesses should target for sales and promotional approaches and how to work out their own target profiles for the audience.

Having done that, Maurice goes on to discuss how to source and buy appropriate data and also how to use the target profile to ensure that limited promotions budgets achieve best “bang for buck”. For those interested, he can take the meeting through a visualisation to meet their best customers.

“All you need to know about marketing in six lines”

This looks at the standard marketing “S” curve and overlays curves for Price, Margin and Number of Players.
Maurice then goes on to explain the impact of the various changes and patterns on the marketplace and provides guidance for those (especially SMEs) as to whether they should enter, go niche, exit, merge, sell or go bust depending on the maturity of the market and prevailing conditions,

If you’d like Maurice to deliver a presentation to your group, club or organisation, please contact us.