At Start-Up

At Start Up

For us, our favourite client says: “Maurice I have this great idea for a product, should we market it – and, if so, how?”

Whereas our least favourite client says: – “Maurice I have this great product – market it”

We suggest that by the time you have made something or got a service ready for launch, you should already have done a big part of the marketing.

At the simplest level, do you already have complete answers for the following questions as an absolute minimum?

• Who wants it?
• Who needs it?
• Who is already doing it? How are they doing?
• How much is someone willing, and able, to pay for it?
• How many people are likely to buy it, at what price, at what volume, from where, and when?
• How and at what cost can I get it to them?
• How and at what cost can I tell them about it?
• Can we make or do it all at a price that lets us make a sensible profit and pay back the banks, investors and shareholders with enough left over to grow and develop new products or services in the future?

You should also bear in mind that, despite what you may have been told, Real Marketing includes: Promotions, Sales, R&D, Distribution, Finance, The Marketplace and the Future.
All of these disciplines interact and affect each other so you have to know before starting what you are going to do in all of those areas – Hence The Marketing Plan and Business Plan.
Have you sorted these out yet?

Do you have all of this information yet?
Would you like us to obtain it for you, or help you to get it or work it out?

Do you have a Business Plan including a Marketing Plan?
Would you like us to help you generate one?

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