What can we do for you?

We specialise in helping businesses improve by refining, defining, developing, planning and implementing their marketing and sales activities.

We provide Marketing expertise and resources – as and when you need it.

When, in your business cycle, could we do this for you ?

  • At Start-Up – We can help, when you have an idea for a business, to make sure that, unlike 80% of all start-ups, it will not fail in the first two years
  • When growth stalls – We can look at new opportunities, marketplaces or product extensions to get you moving again.
    We can also help you rescue past customers and find new ones.
  • When your business is dying – When sales are falling and clients are leaving, customers have abandoned you and the future is looking bleak we might well have a lifeline.
  • When something is wrong but you cannot identify what – We can analyse your business in Real Marketing terms, identify problems and suggest possible solutions.
  • When you just need some extra Resources — For – a specific project – a problem or niggle that you don’t know how to resolve, or for a one off activity requiring temporary extra resources or to outsource your problems or issues.
  • When you need Mentoring, Help or Advice – Perhaps to just: talk things through, to catch up, to learn, or just try a few “What if”s

Whatever stage your business is at; or situation your business is in; we can probably make improvements to performance and hence the bottom line.

Why not call us on 01784 451066 to set up a, free of charge, chat about how that might be brought about?