Melville Marketing had its origins in Wattron back in 1973, it changed to Wattron Marketing in the 1980’s and became Melville marketing in the early 1990’s when Maurice went freelance in August 1990. That continued happily as a sole tradership until 2022 when an apparently enticing project indicated that a limited company would be necessary.

So, in June 2022, Melville Marketing Ltd. was born. We’ve been migrating Sole to Ltd. ever since, but that should be done soon, Companies House, wiling! I’ve been joined in the Ltd. company by my partner Mrs. Mon we assists me in too many ways to mention.

In this section of the site we have:
– Bios for Maurice, Directors and Associates.
– A List of collaborative enterprises
– Melville Marketing Terms and Conditions
– Melville Marketing Fees and Charges
– Melville Marketing and Website Privacy Statement
– Melville Marketing and Website Terms of Use
-Any other Legal Documents found necessary from time to time (See pull down for current list)

Author – Maurice T Watts, March 2023