Real Marketing


Despite what many think, Marketing is a much bigger topic than just Advertising or even promotions.
We promote and offer Real Marketing

What do we mean by Real Marketing?
Real marketing is not simply about promotion let alone just advertising and possibly PR (itself often perceived as free advertising – As if Editors were not wise to that idea!).

It is actually a ‘Strategic Management Discipline’ (Source – CIM, Harvard BS, Henley College, Ashridge, MBS, LSE and others) and should be at the centre of everything an organisation does to do its business now and for the future.

It is an ongoing, continuous, process that is part of the fabric of your business day to day, not something you do as a one off project or only when the bank manager asks what you are doing

Real Marketing encompasses a number of  areas and how those areas interact. These are:

Sales – This is a subset of Marketing not the other way round – this is about sales processes and routes and processes to engage with customers.

Promotions – We do this as well as, not instead of – this is how we get the messages about our products and services out to clients and others.

Finance – Pricing, yield, profit, revenue flow, ROI and ‘Will we make any money doing this?’

Research and Development – What are we going to make money out of once the market for what we are doing now declines?

Distribution – What’s the point of making, promoting and selling something if the customers cannot get their hands on it in the right quantity, at the time that they want it, and where they want to buy it from?

The Marketplace – this is the trading environment for the organisation – Who wants the product/Service? How many of them are there, and where do you find them? How and why do they make buying and commitment decisions and what guidance or information do they use to do that?

The Future – How will changes in the: marketplace, society, attitudes, fashion, technology, economic situation, political power, and so on, affect the organisation and its products, services and opportunities?

Real Marketers not only deal with all of the above but also with how each area interacts with all of the others and not just once but all of the time, in an environment where everything changes constantly and there are no hard and fast rules to follow.

Real Marketers also need crystal balls because future gazing and a 360-degree vision of their environment, past, present & future, also comes with the turf. Add in SWOT, PEST, and BCG analysis and it might just be that specialist help can make a big difference to your business.

Organisations frequently believe that they cannot afford to do all of the above. I suggest that, for their long-term growth and survival, they cannot afford not to!

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