Terms and Conditions



1. By engaging with Maurice Watts T/As Melville Marketing in any way at all, you (hereafter referred to as ‘The Client’) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions in their entirety.

2. Our rates are as stated in “Fees”.

3. Engagements will normally be defined by a ‘Terms of Engagement’ document of formally accepted written quotation. It the event of the engagement be as a result of a quotation these terms and conditions will supersede the Client’s Terms and conditions in all cases.

4. Bookings may be made by an order in writing or by E-mail with valid purchase order number or by returning a signed ‘Terms of Engagement Document’.

5. Rates may be mixed during an assignment by agreement.

6. Quantity and other discounts may be available.

7. For Melville Marketing’s purposes, organisation size definitions are as follows:
· SoHo: 1 to 2 Staff
· Small Business: 3 to 10 staff
· Medium Business: 11 to 150 staff
· Corporate Business: More than 151 staff

8. Clients will receive the service levels booked and paid for irrespective of company size.

9. Chargeable days are normally eight hours including a 1 hour lunch break. Half days are 3½ hours. Travel in excess of one hour per day will be charged pro-rata as will telephone support/consultation, report/copy writing, research, design, prospecting and sales time.

10. Overnight accommodation, travel and subsistence costs will be charged at cost as applicable. Clients are encouraged to book and meet these costs directly.

11. Payment is expected within seven days of invoice and we reserve the right to charge interest at the rates charged to us by our bank including any penalties imposed and or pursue payment after thirty days. We also reserve the right to refuse further services until any outstanding invoice is paid, irrespective of debt age.

12. Where advance costs are to be incurred on a client’s behalf pre payment or scheduled payments will be required.

13. Where good or services have been purchased on behalf of a Client those goods and or services remain the property of Maurice Watts T/As Melville Marketing until the client has paid any and all outstanding invoices. Title will only be transferred after such payment.

14. We reserve the right to make cancellation charges as appropriate. All bookings are chargeable unless cancelled in writing at least 48 hours (not including weekends and bank holidays) prior to commencement. Cancellations between two and seven working days prior will attract 50% fee charges. In all cases, resold time will not be chargeable.

15. Where we are ordering or buying good and or services on a Client’s behalf, we will endeavour to buy these at the most advantageous rate. Costs will be billed to the client as incurred, plus handling charges. We do not take agency commission on this trade as we believe that our rates provide just payment for our services. We would prefer to order these services through the client’s purchasing and payment systems in which case there is no handling charge levied.

16. We do not undertake ‘commission only’ or ‘payment on results only’ work.

17. It is accepted that all work is undertaken is on ‘best advice’ and ‘best practice’ bases and no guarantees are offered as to the efficacy or effectiveness or suitability for purpose of any strategy, tactics or implementations either suggested or performed.

18. Where no formal engagement of services is made but ideas, contacts, introductions and arrangements have been supplied either as part of the pitching process or as part of advice, consultancy or ordinary discussion with a view to doing business and where that information is used to make profits then a fee of 5% of sales value will be charged on any products or services deriving from the information or advice supplied.

19. The client accepts without reservation that by engaging with Maurice Watts T/As Melville Marketing there is automatically, between all the parties involved, a non disclosure agreement covering any and all discussions, proposals, quotations, supplied information and agreements which is binding on Maurice Watts T/As Melville Marketing and the client (or prospective client) and their servants and agents. All parties hereby agree to be bound by the same unless agreed in writing by both and all parties concerned. This non disclosure agreement is simply that neither party will disclose to any third party any information whatsoever about or deriving from the engagement between Maurice Watts T/As Melville Marketing and The Client and their servants and or agents.

20. Any failure of any clause in these terms and conditions shall not negate the effect of any or all other clauses in these terms and conditions.

© Copyright Maurice Watts T/As Melville Marketing August 1998- August 2014 All rights reserved.

Details of Business:
Maurice T Watts, a sole trader, trading as Melville Marketing,
VAT Number: 970 9867 61 
Melville House, 2 the Glade, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1EW.
Tel: 01784 451066 E-Mail : wattsmt@melvillemarketing.com