Aerobics for Eyes – Personal Maintenance

If you find that after an hour or two you are getting headaches, or your eyes feel tired, try my ‘Aerobics for Eyes’

What happens with all muscles which are held in the same position for long periods, is that they stiffen up. The same is true of the small muscles within your eyes. If you are looking at an object at the same distance from you for some time they stiffen and fatigue. The most common object that this happens with is a computer screen!

Imagine holding your arm out in the same position for four hours! Yet we sit in front of a screen for long periods and don’t think of doing something simple about it.

So here’s the process:

Every hour for about 5 minutes follow this routine (you’ll need a window or somewhere where you can see some distance).

Firstly focus on a near object (a finger, pencil, ‘photo or similar about one foot (30cm) from your face) and let your eyes settle into focus so that it is clear.

Then focus on as faraway an object as you can see (clouds, boats on the horizon, far hills or trees, even buildings on the horizon – what’s important is the ‘far’ bit) equally let your focus settle until your vision is clear.

Then refocus on the ‘near’ object and settle, then refocus on the ‘far’ object and settle – and so on for about five minutes or until you eyes feel relaxed.

You’ve just done the equivalent of as good ‘stretch’, but on your eyes!

Of course you should be doing something similar for your back and shoulders at the same time but that’s for another time!


  1. Thanks for the awesome tips. I am going to try. But it has any side effects?

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