A Stretch for Computer People

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and the arms relaxed by the sides with the hands pointing forwards (at Right angles to the arms) about hip height.

Then make circular motions in opposite directions starting towards the centre with the hands as though polishing two dinner plates at waist height – do 3 circuits.

At the end of the third circuit bring the hands together, palm to palm, in the centre of the body fingers upwards as if praying.

Push joined palms as far upwards as possible until standing on tiptoes with hands over your head (Whilst breathing in)

When your hands reach the top turn the palms outward but keep the hands at right angles to the arms- push out as hard as you can with the heels of the hands whilst keeping the arms locked and lowering the arms sideways. (Remember to breathe out!) sink back onto your heels.

Return to the start position.

Repeat at least 3 circuits or until tension in Neck, Shoulders and Back is reduced enough.

[I wish to credit my Shiatsu Teacher Terri Goddard for teaching me this one]


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    A Stretch for Computer People – Melville Marketing

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